Coco Rocha has announced that she is officially the third coach on the new model search show The Face . The two other coaches are Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova; Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker will serve as the host. Expect this to be a more serious take than ANTM; Coco says: "As mentors to the girls, we hope to impart valuable lessons and skills that will help them through their challenges, giving them an accurate idea of what it takes to have a career as a model and be the face of a brand." Naomi! Karolina! Coco! Nigel! Guys, this just might be amazing. Oh, but: The series will air on Oxygen, the channel for women, as men do not breathe. [Fashionista, Oh So Coco]

We've already heard that the US Olympic Team's uniforms are not made in the US. Now, news has hit that the Egyptian Olympic Team was given knockoff Nike gear from China to compete in. General Mahmoud Ahmed Ali explained to the Associated Press: "We signed with a Chinese distributor in light of Egypt's economic situation." But it just didn't sit right with swimmer Yomna Khallaf (with her teammates, at left) who complained via Twitter: "The bags for example have big Nike logo in the front and the zippers are Adidas." Since her Tweet, the media found out, and now the Times reports that "authentic gear is being purchased for the delegation before the opening ceremony." Hopefully at a discount, right, Nike? [NY Times]

September issues news! September is THE month for glossies. In the days of yore — the mid-2000s — Vogue was thicker than the thighs of Hercules, busting with sinewy ad pages. The 2007 September issue was celebrated with a champagne-soaked party. Then came web 2.0 and the recession, and things scaled back, as plebes stood outside Anna Wintour's door humming The Times They Are A Changin. But! This year, Vogue is having "its best September since 2008," with 658 ad pages, an increase of 13% from September 2011. Allure is also up, 14% from last year. Elle and Bazaar are also up — 12% and 17%, respectively, and Marie Claire is seeing a whopping 23% rise. Other mags are not doing as well: Vanity Fair, Glamour, Lucky, Self, and Shape are down. [WWD]

Kate Hudson will continue to be the face of Ann Taylor through the fall campaign. She says: "Fall is always my favorite season. I love layers and Ann Taylor is really going for more color and prints and fashion and stepping out of the box for their company." Honestly, I imagine her dressing as Penny Lane, always. Or wearing whatever the chick in the "She Talks To Angels" video was wearing. [WWD]

Nina Garcia is magic. Nina Garcia tweeted about JC Penney and their stock jumped. Don't disappoint Nina! [WWD]
In other JC Penney news, the company is doing a collabo with Joe Fresh. [Fashionista]

Here is a piece on the previously-discussed Timothy Greenfield-Sanders film About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now, which is airing Monday on HBO. Paulina Porizkova, Isabella Rossellini, Jerry Hall, Carmen Dell'Orefice, China Machado, Marisa Berenson and Lisa Taylor are among the faces on film. Paulina says:

"Working off your looks makes you pretty much the opposite of self-confident… Still, I don't think any 15-year-old girl will turn down the chance to be called beautiful. You don't realize at that point that you are also going to be called ugly."

[NY Times]

BREAKING: Sometimes celebs tweet pictures of themselves without makeup. The Times is on it. [NY Times]

How do we feel about the brand-spanking new Miss Dior campaign starring Mila Kunis? Dig the '60s vibe, her hair bow, and the Julie Christie bump. [Dior/You Tube]

Admit it: You want a McQueen visor. The good news is, they're for sale! The bad news is, they will set you back $475. Pretty sure there's a DIY solution using sheets of mirrored vinyl… [Glamour]

  • The Higg Index will inform you how sustainable clothing companies are. [WWD, Fashionista]
  • Rizzoli is releasing a book about Kate Moss, unexpectedly and creatively titled Kate: The Kate Moss Book. [The Life Files]
  • Do yourself a favor today: Take some time to read about the House of Xtravaganza Ball and look at the slide show. [NY Times]
  • ICYMI: A look at a few pieces from Nelson Mandela's clothing line, which he'll debut during New York Fashion Week. (Flip-flops!) [Daily Beast]
  • Little Miss Stella! Kids clothes from Ms. McCartney. [Telegraph]
  • A woman who hasn't bought anything new in five years (except for hygienics/toiletries) says: "You would think that barring oneself from buying new would be a pain in the tuchus, but really it isn't." [Glamour]