Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was offered an especially unpleasant greeting in the Egyptian port of Alexandria on Sunday when crowds started chanting, "Monica, Monica" in reference to her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Then the convened Egyptians started throwing tomatoes — which apparently isn't just something that happens on Looney Toons after Bugs Bunny directs a horrible version of Pagliacci starring Porky Pig — and water bottles, adding, "Irhal, Clinton" ("Get out, Clinton") to their display of inhospitality. According to the AFP, the protests seem to be the result of Egyptian suspicions that the United States helped the Muslim Brotherhood win the country's recent round of elections. Clinton denied that the U.S. was "in the business" of rigging elections in Egypt, then put on her sunglass and hopped a jet to Belgium for a conciliatory Trappist beer (at least, that's what it seems like the Secretary of State should do with all of her resources).

‘Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt [AFP via Yahoo!]