In an interview with Vulture, actor-turned-director Sarah Polley (she starred in Go, Slings And Arrows, transitioned into directing after a hiatus and and was nominated for an Oscar last year for Away From Her) discussed her upcoming movie Take This Waltz, which stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen as dissatisfied newlyweds.

Polley spoke on her decision to include a full-frontal scene by supporting actress Sarah Silverman:

I really wanted to show women's bodies, old and young and different shapes and sizes without judgment or objectification. Whenever I go to the gym, I have these long conversations in the shower and nobody cares that everyone's naked. I've thought for years, I'd never see this in a movie - it's just too ordinary. I felt it was a good metaphor for certain themes of the film - novelty wearing off, aging being a part of life.

But when it comes to sucking the novelty out of a marriage (which is the focus of Take This Waltz), the elimination of potty privacy is a major factor.

I read this thing from a sex therapist once that her best advice for a relationship was, "Always keep the bathroom door closed." I was like, I'm putting that in a movie, it's so true. And then you have kids and there's no way to close the bathroom door anymore. But I actually kind of subscribe to that a little bit.

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