And when I say that Big Ang's spinoff is like a middle-aged Jersey Shore, what I mean is that I will watch the shit out of fiftysomethings falling drunk out of hot tubs, shaking their over-sized implants around (on a boat!), and fully embracing the whole "cougar" thing without a trace of irony. Actually, aside from her over-the-top-ness, what I find really interesting about Ang is that it's not too often that a middle-aged woman, who us unapologetic about considering herself a fun-loving sexual being, is given her own TV show to just shamelessly revel in being herself, instead of being so concerned with how women of a certain age are supposed to behave. Fuck age-appropriate. Big Ang premieres July 8 on VH1.

The Big Ang Supertrailer - Complete With More Vintage Photos Of Big Ang - Is Here [VH1]