After decades of watching as the suburbs boomed and car-friendly strip malls popped up at an alarming rate, fans of city dwelling can finally rejoice. New estimates from the census have found that for the first time in one hundred years, large cities in America are growing at a faster rate than their suburbs. Unfortunately, this dramatic turnaround is a result of the piss-poor economy, since young adults are holding off on getting married, having kids, and buying houses and are instead staying in urban centers, where the jobs and cheap public transportation tend to be. In fact, today's 18 to 29 -year-olds are being dubbed "Generation Rent" because their crushing student loan debt, low-wage jobs or outright unemployment make it far smarter for them to stay in cheap apartments than to commit to a mortgage. How very flattering.

Big US cities boom as young adults shun suburbs [AP]

Image via YurkaImmortal/Shutterstock.