The "personhood" movement, which strives to legally define embryos as people from the moment of conception, might sound super fringe or like a bad joke from an SNL episode โ€” especially when its supporters are forced to go to such ridiculous lengths to try and uphold it, like when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried to sneakily insert a "personhood" clause into a bill about flood insurance yesterday โ€” but the movement is growing, and its leaders have big plans for the future.


The Daily Beast's Abigail Pesta interviewed Keith Mason, the founder of Personhood USA who has helped introduce 22 "personhood" bills and ballot initiatives over the past few years; none passed, but the margin of defeat is declining. "Wait and watch us grow," Mason told Pesta confidently. "We're like a weed." [Insert maniacal evil laugh/fearful shudder here.]

Behind 'Personhood' Leader Keith Mason's Anti-Abortion Crusade [The Daily Beast]