Rose Stahl, the wife of chronically misplaced actor Nick Stahl, has decided to call off the search for her husband, who went missing after checking out of a Los Angeles rehab facility last week.

This latest vanishing act comes mere weeks after Nick Stahl disappeared in May. Rose Stahl has said that, unlike her husband's May disappearance, this time around she's not going to involve the police, most likely worried that their scanners will attract the attention of a murderous T-X. "I'm backing off," she told TMZ. "He [Nick] knows exactly where home is. It's the loving thing to do for him, myself and our daughter." Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's finally too old to merit a phone call. [TMZ]

Despite reportedly bonding over their stripper movie roles at the premiere of the Adam Sandler moving picture death-knell That's My Boy, Demi Moore and Joe Manganiello aren't actually dating. Manganiello flatly denied the rumor, telling Ryan Seacrest that there was "100 percent zero truth" to reports of a budding romance between him and Moore. "I met her once at a premiere," he explained, "and I maybe talked to her for three minutes." Three minutes in a closet with some Hollywood notables gathered around the door trying to listen for make-out noises? One can surely imagine... [E!]

Emma Stone told Vogue that she used to suffer panic attacks when she was eight. "I was just kind of immobilized by it," she said. "I didn't want to go to my friends' houses or hang out with anybody, and nobody really understood." Seems like it was pretty dodgy there for young Stone, that is until she a) sought therapy and b) became a thespian. "[Being on stage] gave me a sense of purpose," she explained. "I wanted to make people laugh." Of course, being on stage could, for a lot of other people, induce a major panic attack, especially if you forget the words to "Frosty the Snowman" at the third-grade Winter Wonderland Concert and you notice your best friend's mom mouth, "What a little loser!" to her nearest neighbor. [E!]

Speaking of overwrought actresses, Lindsay Lohan's claim that inhumanely long working hours caused her collapse from exhaustion has sparked a union investigation of Lifetime's sweatshop movie, Liz & Dick. Both SAG-AFTRA, which represents actors, and IATSE, the stage workers union, have visited and are continuing to visit the Liz & Dick set. IATSE (whose legitimacy seems slightly diminished by its Latinate resemblance to Yahtzee) Director Mike Miller has said that the organization is watching the set with carrion-bird vigilance. "We have had union representatives on the set since last Friday and will continue to monitor the hours and working conditions there." Way to keep an eye out, Yahtzee...oops. [CNN]

All-around decent human being Ellen DeGeneres tweeted her support for Karen Klein, the New York school bus monitor whom a group of dickish middle school boys cruelly taunted on camera. "It breaks my heart," DeGeneres wrote of the incident. "I'm so moved by the donations. Bullying doesn't end when you grow up. It ends when we stop bullying." Those donations DeGeneres is talking about are part of an online fundraising campaign set up by donors who were so affected by the video that they trying to raise enough money to send Klein on a vacation, a six-figure vacation, by the looks of it. [E!]

  • Kelly Osbourne was spotted kissing the tip of her boyfriend Matthew Mosshart's (of the long-haired Mossharts) tongue as he closed his eyes and made a gila monster face. [Us]
  • Kristin Davis and her starving-writer boyfriend Aaron Sorkin kissed more successfully at the L.A. premiere of The Newsroom. [NYDN]
  • Kim Kardashian talked about kissing and loving Kanye West through the television medium Oprah Winfrey. [E!]
  • Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian says that Kris Humphries made up all that crap about Kim's sex-tape arrangement to live out his own "disgusting" gaslight fantasy. [TMZ]
  • Wynonna Judd married boyfriend Cactus Moser last weekend, and the newlyweds have been sharing very prickly kisses ever since. Har-har-har. [People]
  • Giovanni Ribisi and his villainously scratchy voice married model Agyness Deyn. [People]
  • Just in case you were worrying that the on-screen pairing of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was about to end, Stewart would like to console you with the fact that she's angling for her beau to be in the Snow White sequel. [OMG]
  • Jessica Simpson is apparently stressed the fuck out about making good on the $4 million Weight Watchers gave her to hit a goal weight of 130 lbs. Says a concerned spotting partner about Simpson's grueling workout schedule, "She's so emotional. She doesn't want to leave her baby. Sometimes she just starts crying. It's hard for her." Sounds like a reasonable reaction to working out. [In Touch]
  • Meredith Vieira turned down a top-secret offer from NBC to replace much-maligned Today host Ann Curry, paving the way for a morning show talent contest that Simon Cowell would do well to implement immediately. [TMZ]
  • Alec Baldwin muses on the vindictive nature of fame: "Most of the paparazzi have their foot out to trip you. They want you to fall on the ground, and they want to get that shot. The paparazzi are never there to make you look good. Never." Joe Eszterhas couldn't have written a better line for Gina Gershon. [Extra]
  • The future star of a show about 20-something women navigating young adulthood in New York is growing inside of Jemima Kirke. [HuffPo]
  • The proprietor of Bamboo — the bar that recently turned into a Jersey Shore MMA arena — says that, contrary to a complaint made to police, Ronnie did throw the first punch. He threw a series of subsequent punches, or "combos" as they call them in Mortal Kombat. [E!]
  • Radiohead has postponed European shows in the wake of an awful stage collapse prior to a Toronto concert. [MTV]
  • Last week, a man named Patrick White sued some other guy named Jay-Z for plagiarism. White alleges that Jay-Z's 2010 memoir Decoded lifts "expressions/colors/phrases" from his own unpublished writing. If you're still waiting for what E! believes is the punchline to these legal proceedings, here it is — White wrote out his complaint by hand, like some kind of medieval monk hurriedly copying down Catullus in the dead of night. [E!]
  • More celebrity publishing scandals, you say? Robert Randolph, who wrote a book called You'll Never Spa in This Town Again, is suing John Travolta for spreading lies about Randolph's mental health in order to diminish his authorial credibility. [TMZ]
  • Dude, what the fuck — a U.S. federal appeals court has upheld dance-hall reggae cookie monster Buju Banton's conviction on cocaine conspiracy and drug trafficking charges. June 21, 2012 is now the new day for the music dying. [AP]