No doubt you've found yourself walking into a Starbucks and thinking, "Man, this place could really use some more tea. And they should get rid of all this dumb coffee stuff, too." But the mind-readers at Starbucks have heard the complaints of your internal monologue and are taking action: The company announced that they are going to open their first tea-only store this fall under the popular Tazo brand, which is already in abundance at their regular cafes. Apparently this tea shop will sell, well, tea. They'll have it to drink, and then carry some 80 varieties of loose-leaf teas. They'll also have pastries and packaged chocolates—and, one hopes, biscuits for any stray Brits that come wandering in. For the moment, they say one location in Seattle will be their only tea-specific store, but you just know that in a few years they'll be everywhere and there will be no other retail establishments left in the country. You'll walk down the streets, and it will be nothing but an alternating series of Starbucks and Tazo Tea storefronts as far as the eye can see.

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