The front pages of All The President's Men list a cast of characters; out of the 52 names, 51 are men. So the BBC is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in by interviewing the women who are considered minor characters but helped expose the scandal, like Judy Hoback, the bookkeeper who Woodward and Bernstein said was an even more important source than Deep Throat, and Martha Mitchell, the campaign worker who tried to warn people about what was going on to no avail.

"So called 'minor people' were very important in unravelling this story," Stanley Kutler, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and author of The Wars of Watergate, told the BBC. "You start with people like that and you build your case. When you did get to the big boys, they were already well-trapped by the role of minor people. And many of those were women."

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