The hilariously-named Concerned Women for America (motto: Won't someone please THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!) is launching a $6 million ad campaign informing voters in swing states that the Affordable Care Act is a terrible abomination. At the end of the commercial, the Concerned Women take their rubber masks off to reveal that they're actually insurance companies wearing Mrs. Doubtfire-levels of makeup.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the Affordable Care Act any day now, and with mounting anticipation of the ruling (spoiler alert: Scalia hates it and Thomas just does whatever Scalia tells him to do!) comes mounting rhetoric from both sides. Concerned Women for America's spokeswoman says that the group is running ads in several battleground states because "We thought it was a good time to remind people of the broken promises from the president with regard to the health care plan."

The spot features a doctor using extremely simplistic, fearmongering language to explain to viewers in Wisconsin, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire that unless the Affordable Care Act is struck down, President Obama will personally come to your house and cough on your kids and then force you to go to a doctor in another state in order to obtain your yearly rations of penicillin. (Not really; actually, the ad threatens viewers with a doctor who says that the government might not let you pick your own doctor under ACA. Know what's a helluva lot worse than not being able to pick your doctor? Not being able to go to the fucking doctor at all. Jesus.)

According to the Washington Post, the ads were bankrolled by CWA's Legislative Action Committee, which means they're under no obligation to disclose who bankrolled them.

I love democracy.

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