Kyle and Christopher Massey, brothers and former and current Disney stars respectively (Zooey 101, That's So Raven, and spinoff Cory In The House, filed a suit in federal court today against dilettante and professional asshat Bristol Palin, claiming that they created the reality TV show about Palin's life with son Tripp and were cut out of the deal at the last minute with no compensation. Palin met Kyle Massey when they were partnered on Dancing With The Stars and got to talking about a vehicle for the three of them. Two conflicting reports claim that the show was to be called Bristolology 101 (yeah, very ORIGINAL, Kyle), but the better iteration is definitely Helping Hands, which was going to feature "going to feature Bristol and her son, Tripp, rooming with the Massey brothers while embarking on various charitable ventures together in the Los Angeles area." [E!, TMZ]

Nicki Minaj rented a bike while she was hanging around Amsterdam for a concert and needed ample padding on the seat to comfortably support her famous derierre. Are the Dutch known for their smallish asses? Is that what the Lonely Planet sez? Also, apparently among Minaj's backstage demands: "belgian waffles and fried chicken, 12 cans of Red Bull - six at room temperature, six on ice - whipped cream, strawberries and 24 bottles of Snapple fruit drink." Which, honestly, sounds all kinds of delicious right now. [Monsters And Critics]

Octomom Nadya Suleman's house has finally been foreclosed on after nobody offered up enough dough to match the $356,000 opening bid. Suleman's father apparently made a down payment on the house and continued to attempt to cover her bills until he had to declare bankruptcy as well; she still owes $475,000 on the house, and her assets total only $50,000. The eventual next step is ejecting Suleman and her 14 kids from her home. To those of you who took offense to my referring to Suleman as a "boil on the bikini line of humanity" yesterday, I sincerely apologize. What I meant to say was "an irresponsible, unbalanced, fame-mongering, greedy and generally terrible human being." [Gather Celebs]

Demi Moore and True Blood star Joe Manganiello were hitting on each other at the premiere of That's My Boy. The two met when they were both signed up for the much-awaited male stripper buddy movie Magic Mike, and even after Moore dropped out and checked into a clinic with post-divorce "eating disorder and addiction issues," the two kept in touch. He was even "ignoring the younger girls in the room" (how good of him!!1!111). However, Moore is apparently taking a platonic vacation with ex Ashton Dimplechin so kind of whatever. [Daily Mail, NDTV]

At long last, next year Melissa Joan Hart is releasing a memoir called Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life. Here's hoping it features a red-eyed shot of co-star Caroline Rhea mid-bong hit and a beautifully sparse, yet illuminating chapter on what Mariska Hargitay smelled like when Hart guest starred on Law & Order: SVU. [THR]

  • A fan threw a silver dildo onstage for Lady Gaga at a concert, and then she was not seen for 4 days and Miranda, Carrie and Samantha were soooo worried about her! [Contact Music]
  • George Michael is reuniting Wham! [Monsters And Critics]
  • Actress Molly Sims popped out a kid. [People]
  • Emma Roberts thinks playing Fifty Shades Of Grey's Anastasia Steele would be "awesome." I kind of wouldn't hate that casting, but I bet Aunt Julia would. [Digital Spy]
  • Kevin Costner's courtoom victory against Stephen Baldwin was short-lived; Costner's now being sued by a neighbor who claims the actor is blocking his beach view with his big fat fucking head. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Ashton Kutcher's production company is suing the Los Angeles DMV for backing out of a reality show. [THR]
  • Kristen Chenoweth Has A Cold (by Gay Talese). [Contact Music]
  • Mandy Moore is campaigning for our drinking water to be as clean, pure, and well-curated as her image was in 2001. [Contact Music]
  • One of One Direction's lil' deep-fried Oreos Zayn Malik has been accused of "pimping Islam." [Contact Music]
  • Some writer is suing Jay-Z for lifting portions of his work and using them in his memoir Decoded. [Daily Mail]
  • Emily Blunt fears that her OCD is getting worse. [Express]
  • The Beebs really, really liked Michael Jackson. I'd imagine the feeling was mutual. [Contact Music]
  • Wait, also, June 19th is officially declared Justin Bieber Appreciation Day in New York, ONE DAY TOO LATE FOR US TO CELEBRATE JUSTIN BIEBER APPRECIATION DAY IN NEW YORK WTFFFF [The Mirror]
  • At $34.5 million bones last year, Kristen Stewart is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, beating Cameron Diaz by a narrow margin. [Bossip]
  • Watch teetotaler Daniel Radcliffe playing a drunk in a new Slow Club music video. [Youtube]
  • Girls actress Allison Williams apparently cornered Aaron Sorkin at an afterparty to discuss a project and he slammed her with a cutting, eloquent, Josh Lymon-esque speech about nepotism and moral obligation. No but actually he probably told her to email over a treatment and tried to have sex with her. [Page Six]
  • Fiona Apple sassed the Boom Boom Room. [Page Six]
  • Jim Carrey bailed on the upcoming Dumb and Dumber sequel. [Vulture]
  • If you care as much as I do, here is the cast of The Craft then and now. Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the East!!!!1 [Too Fab]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen smokes in front of Oliver Sarkozy's little daughter. [NYDN]
  • Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom are disgustingly happy. [Us Magazine]
  • Matt Bomer forgot his shirt, thank God. [The Insider]
  • After punching that photog, Alec Baldwin's recourse is to become the old caretaker pretending to be a ghost to scare the Scooby Gang away from the old mansion they're sniffin' around. Goddamn kids. [Gothamist]
  • Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison thinks Jennifer Aniston would make a great Bachelorette because she "seems so unlucky in love." Harrison giveth and Harrison taketh away. [Hollyscoop]