Of all the dangers facing New Yorkers, naked models covered in body paint probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. And yet the NYPD has taken it upon themselves to protect the Big Apple from such indecent scenes. Today a model who was arrested and frisked after taking part in an art project has filed suit against the NYPD over the incident, which happened last August.

Zoe West, 22, was posing on a corner in Times Square, nude but covered in body paint. She did have on a G-string, which she then removed so that artist Andy Golub could put the finishing touches on her paint job. That set the cops off, who had previously assured the group that they wouldn't be arrested because it was part of an art project. West's lawsuit says of the incident, "Visibly unnerved by Ms. West's removal of her panties, Sgt. [Anthony] Fusaro told Ms. he had to 'bring her in,'" Yes, there is nothing more unnerving to a cop than a naked lady!

The police made her sit on a tarp in their van, so she wouldn't get paint (or her girl cooties, presumably) on the seat. Then she was made to sit in the police station without her clothes on for about 15 minutes. Eventually they gave her clothes back, and then, after she got dressed, they frisked her. That makes approximately no sense, but hey who needs sense when you're the law? After she sat in the juvenile delinquents' room for two hours she was released and not charged. West is seeking damages for the false arrest, and it appears her body painting days are over. She says she's got no plans to put on a repeat performance since she doesn't want to take any chances with being arrested again.

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Image via Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock.