Next time you have to buy a gender-specific baby present, what about a Yelp or Spotify account wrapped in a pretty pink or blue bow? We're kidding, of course, but this infographic breaking down gender balance on social networking sites is pretty interesting.

Some of the results are predictable: yeah, we know, ladies loooove Pinterest (15.4 million more monthly female visitors!) and Reddit is inundated with sexist dudes. (74% of users are men.) But did you know that 62% of Twitter users are women? Or that a shit ton of men are still refusing to give up on Google+?

Only three sites are gender neutral: Scribd, Foursquare, and Orkut. We're not sure what type of conclusion to glean from this: both men and women like to read primary documents, "check in" at bars, and do whatever it is you do on Orkut?

[Information is Beautiful]

Image via segolened/Shutterstock.