If you are not following Retta (A.K.A. Donna on Parks and Recreation) on Twitter then you are making a huge mistake. Not only is opera singer-turned-comedian consistently funny, but she also offers hilarious stream-of-conscious television commentary on shows like Smash, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey (she's currently recapping season 2). For the past 10 weeks, she's been live-tweeting her reactions to Lena Dunham's Girls and, lucky for the Twitter public, those reactions have been 100% solid gold. Sadly, last night's finale means a long wait for the return of Retta'a quips on the handsomeness of Charlie or Peter Scolari's penis. Still, for old time's sake, let's let Retta guide us through the show's final episode. It's almost almost like we're sitting there with her.

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Image via Theo Wargo/Getty.