Being a zookeeper is a job not without risks, but you have to imagine that the zookeeper at the KolmÄrden zoo in Sweden who walked into the wolf enclosure on Sunday morning did not expect that she'd end up dead. She apparently entered the enclosure around 11am, and witnesses say the wolves quickly surrounded her and began mauling her. That is the stuff of actual nightmares. Tragically, even though emergency personnel arrived quickly, they couldn't get in there in time to save her. As Jan Tengeborg, the local emergency services coordinator, helpfully explained, "You can't just go in to a pack of wolves. Police and ambulance staff couldn't get close to the victim until later." Other than the fact that they are wolves, there are several possible reasons for their decision to attack her. According to Olof Liberg, a wolf expert at a university in Sweden, the ferocious animals can be set off by "a breach in routine," and he said that wolves can be especially dangerous when a zookeeper is in with them alone.

Woman killed by pack of wolves in Swedish zoo [The Local]

Image via JKlingebiel/Shutterstock.