Yesterday, we wrote about a new study that found you can judge a person just by looking at their shoes. So we thought it was only fair to let you guys judge us by our footwear. Here are the shoes your Jezebel staffers are wearing today. Now you know all of our secrets.

This lady's feet are sending mixed messages. Her shoes are blue, which may symbolize depression, but her toenail polish is so bright and cheery! She's probably not to be trusted.

Check out how relaxed this woman seems with her crisscrossed tan sandals up on the car dashboard. (She's out of town on vacation; we don't normally work from vehicles.) Is she trying to cover up her fear of commitment?

Mens' cowboy boots: hip, intimidating, or indicative of a traumatic horseback riding incident from days gone by?

This lady is obviously very shy.

White shoes symbolize a pure, kind soul.

Is this woman playful when it comes to fashion, or do these schoolgirl-ish shoes imply she is clinging to her childhood?

An enigma in thong sandals.

Image via tan4ikk/Shutterstock.