Prepare for your favorite public places to be invaded by an onslaught of bored teenagers this summer. While they once would have been spending their days mowing lawns or working in the local ice cream store, teens these days aren't getting summer jobs like they used to. This year, fewer than three in 10 American teens will hold a summer job. This number has been going down quickly since 2000 and is now the lowest it's been since World War II. Alas, where have all the soda jerks gone?

Some kids are simply too busy doing things like taking classes or going to camp or frantically volunteering in an effort to beef up their resumes and get into college. But many of those teens who want to work can't find jobs because all of the low-skill employment is going to people who might normally have better jobs in a good economy. So what are the poor kids going to do instead? Who knows, but we'd better find something to occupy them quickly before they band together, united in boredom, and turn on us.

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Image via Lisa F. Young/Shutterstock.