While out promoting her new book, Michelle Obama was asked whether she had any advice for Ann Romney as she hits the campaign trail with her trusty husband Mitt. The First Lady wisely chose to keep it positive with her answer:

I've learned to let go and enjoy that process. I think people are surprised when I say that I do love campaigning. Because I do. Number one, I love people and I love this country and you get to see that when you're out there in ways that you normally wouldn't. So my advice is — enjoy it. It's a privilege. And I get the sense that she is.

Some of us might have said something more along the lines of "Learn to let go of your impulse to constantly try to convince us your husband is funny," or "Enjoy it because it's going to be the last campaign you'll ever do, if my husband has anything to say about it," or simply, "STOP!" But, as usual, Michelle is far more gracious than the rest of us mere mortals.

Michelle Obama to Ann Romney: have fun campaigning [Reuters]