Last week, model Melissa Stetten had the apparent misfortune of sitting next to soap actor Brian Presley on a plane. According to Stetten's Twitter feed, Presley lied about not having a wife and was drinking beer the whole time, which is interesting because he has a wife and kids and is usually pretty sanctimonious about his sobriety. The Tweets went viral faster than a case of genital warts during pledge week, and it appeared that Presley's poor behavior had been righteously rebuked. Or was it?

Today, Presley responded to Stetten's accusations, claiming he was just having a "friendly" conversation and that the stuff about him drinking alcohol and hitting on her was a big lie told by a liar. Meanwhile, the Christian Post has picked up the story of Presley's "attempted adultery" on account of the fact that Presley is one of those never-shut-up-about-it Christians who prays with the door flung way open. Just like Jesus would've wanted.

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