The phrase "a dingo's got my baby" has taken on a life of its own since being spoken by Meryl Streep in A Cry in the Dark, but that movie was, of course, based on a real case in Australia. Today, after more than 30 years of wondering, a coroner finally ruled that yes, in fact, a dingo did kill the baby. Azaria Chamberlain was only two months old when she was snatched from her family's tent while they were vacationing, and her murder became a worldwide sensation and a long-standing mystery. Her mother, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton (seen above), has always maintained that Azaria was taken by a dingo—a kind of wild dog, in case you're not familiar—but she was eventually given a life sentence for murdering her daughter anyway. Thankfully, her conviction was later overturned. Still, it wasn't until today that a coroner named Elizabeth Morris announced to a court, "The cause of her death was as the result of being attacked and taken by a dingo. Dingos can and do cause harm to humans." So there you have it: It was the dingo all along.

Coroner rules dingo to blame for Australian baby's death [CNN]