These days there's a discount to be found for just about any service, so perhaps we should not be surprised that Groupon has started offering a deal in New York City to name your baby for you. True, this is likely a Father's Day PR stunt, but still it's fun to consider the possibility of paying them to decide your baby's fate in life. The bad news is that this Groupon will cost you a hefty $1,000, and for that price they will only chose the name Clembough for your precious bundle of joy—no exceptions! Sure, Clembough might not be what you'd pick, but you have to admit it does have a unique ring to it. Though consider this: If everyone in your neighborhood opted to take advantage of this deal, your little one will be one of about 25 Clemboughs in his kindergarten class. So, perhaps it's better to save yourself the grand and pick a name yourself. How about Groupon? It's pretty much guaranteed that there won't be a ton of those running around Brooklyn among all the tiny Djangos and Chloes, and in 25 years nobody will even remember what a Groupon was.

[Via Slate]