James Franco, the star of Sonny as well as some other less-naked movies, wrote a full-blown academic analysis of Kristen Stewart's performance in Snow White and the Huntsman that he may or may not have "borrowed" from one of his NYU film students, adding a little something personal about how much he misses his nana so it'd seem like he actually wrote it (we're on to you, Franco). Writing in the HuffPo, Franco explains that the latest Snow White iteration might really be about the crazy amount of pressure Hollywood puts on aging actresses to look as young as possible:

So, the conflict is ultimately between two females who represent innocent youth (Stewart) and aging beauty (Theron), each of whom is fighting to control the throne. Sadly, this can be seen as an analog to the dynamics faced by actresses (and, to an extent, actors) today. The old guard will always be wary of the new guard, but the fact is that women in entertainment still depend on their looks more than men do. Even two powerhouses like Theron and Stewart are beholden to the dictates of a man's world.

Deep thoughts. That's a good interpretation of what's being reviewed as a pretty "bleh" movie, and while it's always tempting to make fun of the way Franco very publicly leads his "life of the mind," going to graduate school for books, teaching movie school, and occasionally popping up in a stoner comedy or hosting the Oscars sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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