Buraydah, a Saudi Arabian town known as a center for an especially conservative take on Islam called Wahhabism, has decided to hitch a ride on the talent show craze that seems to be sweeping the globe. Great! What could be better than yet one more talent show with yet one more pool of mostly deluded contestants? Well, it probably wouldn't be a talent show that barred women from competing and replaced singing and dancing with performing religious rites and reciting poems, which, according to the Telegraph, is exactly Buraydah's Got Talent's ultra-conservative take on the tired talent show format.

The no-girls-allowed show was organized on the Buraydah Forum, an internet forum for coming up with un-exportable entertainment ideas. Judging will take place in the open air in front of a panel comprised of a poet, a television producer, and a smattering of TV presenters. Since Arabs Got Talent is apparently a pretty popular show, you might think that the Buraydah version's organizers wouldn't want to tweak the winning formula, since everybody knows what happens that when you tweak a winning talent show formula — you end up paying Britney Spears a whole truckload of money to walk out of X Factor auditions.

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