In this week's TV roundup, a touching goodbye on Mad Men, a rousing speech on Game of Thrones, the Roots get a shout out and here's a taste of True Blood Season 5.

1.) Stephen Colbert gives a "Tip of the Hat" to Mitt Romney.
Like a true Amercian.

2.) Don and Peggy say goodbye on Mad Men.
What goes around comes back around. Hey!

3.) Rebecca Black endorses Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto.
Oh, thank goodness. The Mexican people finally know who to vote for.

4.) Every shout out to the Roots on Late Night.
Who is Fallon's house band again?

5.) A scene from the upcoming season of True Blood.
Sookie, Alcide is willing to let you stay with him despite you being an insufferable moron. I don't think anything else you say would really make much of a difference.

6.) Generations is a soap opera from South Africa. It is also very complicated.
Rich Juzwiak did a great feature on this long running, multi-lingual South African soap opera. You can watch it on the Africa Channel, but will you understand it?

7.) The Annual Jon Stewart Fox News Rant
This year's is a good one.

8.) Adam gets a third dimension on Girls.
Lena Dunham deserves some credit — many of the things that Girls has been criticized for (in this case, the lack of depth of the show's male characters) have developed into some really interesting plot points.

9.) Michael Cera and Reggie Watts are Team Friends, Team Pie.
Comedy Bang Bang is gonna be so good.

10.) Tyrion leads the attack on Game of Thrones.
Now use his speech as motivation to conquer your weekend.