After a week's worth of elaborate evening gowns the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival ended with the closing ceremony at which jury member Diane Kruger looked like Scarlett O'Hara before the war.

The festival ended with the premiere of Therese Desqueyroux, and Diane Kruger found an ingenious way to smuggle in all of her bodega snacks.

I thought Sarah Margaret Qualley's emerald green gown was gorgeous but it was pretty much impossible to get a clear shot of it since her mom Andie MacDowell simply wouldn't allow it.

My favorite look of the evening was Leila Hatami's old glamour separates. I've never seen her films and actually don't know much about her, but her kerchief-hijab strikes a retro chord. (Honest question: Does the hijab limit the number of roles Hatami would/could accept as an actress? Just curious about how she approaches it.)

I loved Melanie Doutey's sparkly, belted houndstooth gown, which seemed oddly simple for something so eye-grabbing.

Julie Gayet's boob-swirl top and satin (?) skirt were kind of frumpy. I'm wasn't into Sonam Kapoor's gown, but as nude illusions go, at least she wore a liner instead of a horrid body suit. Cecile De France's leather jacket was definitely cool, as are all leather jackets, but the weird muslin floor-length tie-on skirt seemed more fitted for something a little more casual, like Bonnaroo.

You can only sort of tell here, but Audrey Tautou is standing in the rain in what's probably an incredibly expensive gown as though she couldn't possibly care about getting it wet because she's watching the crowd part as the love of her life slowly approaches her—a surprise because he was supposed to be on a plane to some other place because circumstances always seem to keep them apart—to tell her he doesn't want to live another day away from her. Seriously, get under an umbrella and snap out of it. Life isn't a movie. Or an Anthropologie catalog.

Kylie's dress isn't horrible and it fits her nicely, but it's not anything we'll remember. You'd think that since her dress is see-thru you'd be able to see the balls that Mouna Ayoub clearly has to wear a dress like this. If I had Virginie Efira's boobs I'd make sure everyone knew it, too.

Anja Rubik's cocktail napkin is actually an increase of fabric from her Met Ball dress.

What's the deal? When you reach a certain age do you automatically get a subscription to AARP an a spool of organza with a note that says, "Cover up"? WTF?: Nastassja Kinski, Charlotte de Turckheim, and Phoebe Price.