This sounds like pure fiction but, as we're not a court of law, let's run with it — Sharon Stone is being sued by her former nanny amid allegations of racism, religious persecution and first-degree bitchery. Which, if you image the actress to live life as Ginger, her character in Casino, like I do then it starts to sound downright plausible. Erlinda Elemen claims that Stone said Filipinos were stupid, yelled at her for being religious and banned her from reading the bible in the house. It gets better: She adds that Stone made fun of Filipino food, tried to take back overtime she had already paid her and ordered the nanny not to actually speak to the children lest they begin "to talk like you." Stone's attorney is calling it a piece of riveting not-such-a-fan-fiction: "This is an absurd lawsuit that has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money any way she can." [TMZ]

As we know, Anderson Cooper is at his best when giggling about The Real Housewives and not delivering straight news reports. That's why his new show is kind of awesome. In the latest instalment, he kicked "human Barbie" Sarah Burge off stage after she tried to defend allowing her teenage daughter to get Botox. "I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about," he said. "I gotta be honest, I gotta just stop. I'm sorry." Snap! [NYDN]

If you want to know why Jenny McCarthy is posing for Playboy once more, the 39-year-old actress counters with a more valid question: Why the fuck not? Taking to Twitter, she thinks that MILFs are highly underrated and the world could use more middle-aged boob visibility. "Why should only 20 yr olds be considered sexy?" she wrote. "Let's (hear) it for the MILFs." Indeed. [People]

Being so beautiful that you get paid for people to look at you may be a pretty sweet gig but it can put a bullet in your love life, according to Bar Refaeli. "Let's put it out there: No one hits on me. No one flirts with me. It's very sad, actually," she said. "A guy who comes up to me works. I hope that will happen every now and again." [Us]

It's hard as shit to secretly elope when you're famous, just ask Alec Baldwin. Staying on in Europe after shooting his Cannes documentary, people say ol' baby blue eyes will be marrying Hilaria Thomas. "They've been telling people they'll be spending time in Europe, and there's speculation they're going to get married," said someone. [Page Six]

  • Lady Gaga arrived in Thailand and instantly offended fans with talk of fake Rolexes. [AP]
  • Finally, at long last: Justin Timberlake is making some new music. It's just the score for a Jessica Biel movie, but still. [Page Six]
  • Adam Levine's ex, Anne V., has moved on to someone even more annoying — Jared Leto. [Page Six]
  • Forget Barack, Bill Clinton is the most rock star of all the presidents; making an entrance with a porn star on both arms at the highfalutin gig he co-hosted with Prince Albert of Monaco. [Page Six]
  • Drew Barrymore will walk down the aisle in Chanel but her sister-in-law Jill Kargman will stay faithful to Valentino. Family fashion feud! [Page Six]
  • We mentioned yesterday that Sofia Vergara and her ex Nick Loeb met up for a chat. Apparently it didn't end well, with an onlooker hilariously observing a "heated discussion with lots of hand flailing". [Page Six]
  • If you still haven't recovered from the shock of Kristen Wiig's departure from SNL, NBC makes it real with a little street-walk down memory lane. [NBC]
  • You too can rest your weary head where the delightfully irrepressible Camille Grammer once spread her precious locks. [E!]
  • They used to be friends but now Kristin Davis and Aaron Sorkin have kicked things up a notch with word they're dating. "He is obviously really smart... and Kristin is very intelligent, too," said a source type. "They have a lot to talk about." They're probably talking their brains out this very minute. [E!]
  • Megan Fox has finally debuted her baby bump, and by "debuted" I mean "walked outside." [E!]
  • It's official! Kelly Osbourne has been aged out of the market, with Mick Jagger's daughter, Georgia May Jagger named the new face of Material Girl. [E!]
  • Babies can be the worst. They can also be the cutest – as Katherine Heigl's daughter Adalaide proves. [E!]
  • Can you beweave it? Brad Pitt went out without the ol' ball-and-chain. Cray-cray! [Us]
  • The world is a little less sparkly now that Donna Summer has been laid to rest. [Us]
  • In more sad news, Janet Carroll, the actress who played Tom Cruise's mom in Risky Business, died. [People]
  • Back to talk of baps, Kristen Stewart wanted to go topless in On The Road. [People]
  • Times are tough for poor, ol' Oprah Winfrey — the TV titan has her Chicago home listed at half the original price. [Radar]
  • They're amusing, but these shots of John Travolta cross-dressing are no match for the recent accusations of peen and anus exposing. [Daily Mail]
  • It turns out that Ray J was saved by ingrown hairs/Sophie Monk. Thank Jebus for both! [TMZ]
  • Here are 15 glorious gifs of Jennifer Holliday on last night's American Idol. [imgur via Matt Cherette]