The New York City art scene is a melting pot of downtown artists, uptown patrons, nightlife characters, established media figures, and lots and lots of money—both old and new. Despite the vastly different backgrounds and social standings, they all share a passion for creativity and offbeat self-expression.

While her red lips were killer, Solange Knowles' one-legged half-shorts-half-skirt look was a rare miss.

Rachel Roy's nail art and jewelry made her entire look. Although I'm a little weirded out by the fact that she has an anklet that mirrors her bracelet, meaning that the other end of it is wrapped around her toe. So technically, that's a toe ring, and you need a dolphin-doing-a-front-flip tattoo to pull that off.

I thought that taking a thin shawl out with you in case it gets chilly was one of those old time-y things that people stopped doing because they realized it was totally impractical. Like men putting their coats over puddles for women to walk over, instead of just stepping around the puddle or helping her leap. I mean, she's already wearing a jacket. You know?

The two tiers of Santigold's modest dress (or separates?) made for a lovely look.

Santigold changed for her performance into a real Brady Bunch-esque number, the sleeves of which were made from the thick yarn that Jan used to use to tie up her hair.

Models Hilary Rhoda and Nell Rebowe kept it simple while Ariana Rockefeller wore one of her own designs.

Flare: Cindy Sherman with Chuck Close, Malcolm Morley, and Jill Kraus.

Coco Rocha is a model; I'd hate to see what that jumpsuit would do to the rest of us. Sherry Bronfman (M.I.A.'s mother-in-law) has an awful lot going on here and none of it is good. Lastly, there's Kim Cattrall and her nice boobs.