In her first official appearance since her mom Whitney Houston's death, Bobbi Kristina kept it cool and classy as she spoke about her mother at the Billboard Music Awards. "I just really want to say thank you to everyone who supported us through it all," she said. "Thanks for showing that much love, because she deserved it. I'm just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life." [TMZ]

As we found out on Saturday, Kristen Wiig kicked us in the guts by leaving Saturday Night Live after seven long and fruitful years — cue the tears. Like any long-term relationship that has run its course, we saw it coming but still can't believe it's really over. While Wiig apparently plans to direct movies and "live in Paris and paint," you'll find us sitting in a dark room reliving old memories: from Dooneese and Gilly to Kris Jenner and Lana Del Rey, Us Weekly have been so kind as to compile a photo album of her best and brightest so we have something to look at while getting drunk and listening to Adele songs. Laughter through the tears! [Us]

Someone with deep, charitable pockets and a penchant towards self-promotion is going to be a very happy chappy – or chapess – after Karl Lagerfeld and Harvey Weinstein announced what is quite easily the most interesting charity auction item ever. As part of amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS gala the pair are offering the winning bidder a starring role in a short film directed by Lagerfeld and produced by Weinstein. It's pretty major. [Page Six]

Substance abusers in the grip of addiction aren't known to be the most honest bunch, but Nick Stahl made good on an email he sent his friends over the weekend by checking into rehab. His estranged wife, Rose Murphy Stahl, decided to share the details with her "fans" on Twitter: "It's all good. In the sense the search is over. There is safety and even some comfort now." [E!]

Her husband, Mike Fisher, says he wants to have seven kids, but, seeing as it's her vagina, Carrie Underwood is understandable wary. "I think two is a good number to have," she told Oprah. "We'll see. We'll cross that bridge. I don't want too many." [Us]

  • Dina Lohan will be sharpening her nails to a point after hearing news that Snooki's dad is now the most disruptive stage parent in town after the star's father potentially cost his daughter $7 million in a bitter legal battle. [Page Six]
  • Thanks to NYDN's hard-hitting and relevant investigation we now know that Jonah Hill has gone "from chunk to hunk — and then back to chunk again" after falling off the "weight loss wagon". We'll keep you updated as the story develops. [NYDN]
  • Expect the tabloids to concern troll her this week because Rihanna over-partied in London and missed her flight. [E!]
  • Is it just me or could transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova look like she could be Donald Trump daughter? [People]
  • A truly remarkable understatement, John Mayer says oversharing in interviews was not a power move. [People]
  • Awkward family photos: the Nicholas Cage and co. addition. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan might have copped a lot of shit about her Liz Taylor biopic, but at least she's nailing the wardrobe. [TMZ]
  • What do you think? Will Miley Cyrus kick off her own version of The Rachel? [Yahoo]
  • Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis are still pretty tight despite the divorce. [X17]
  • Jennifer Lopez might be sticking around American Idol after all — standard contract negotiation twist! [Huff Po]
  • He raised a lot of money for charity and has a solid point, but when Sean Penn says the whole world failed Haiti you just want to roll your eyes – because it's him. [LA Times]
  • Otter Jake Gyllenhaal is bearding it up for his new film, An Enemy. [Daily Mail]
  • Breaking: Lady Gaga and Marge Simpson spotted lezzing out on Evergreen Terrace. [Daily Mail]