The phrase "It's the economy," while an utterly valid excuse for many things, has become an awesome stock excuse for virtually everything. Your tuna melt came with the wrong kind of cheese? It's the economy. Bad hair day? It's the economy. Can't orgasm? It's the economy. Doy.

As it turns out, 39% of men unemployed men blame the economy for their career hiccups as opposed to 31% of women. Meanwhile, ladies are slightly more likely than men to turn down a new job offer if it isn't an ideal fit, and believe that it would take them longer to get an offer at all (5.4 months, as opposed to an average guess of a 4.7-month unemployment period for men).


A senior policy analyst at the National Women's Law Center theorizes that this divide is thanks to a spate of women losing public-sector jobs and settling for part-time work or underemployment. Men, on the other hand, felt the recession harder, with an unemployment rate of 11.2% in late 2009. But things are looking up for all of us: in the last year or two men have experienced a 3% decline in unemployment and women a 1% decline.

'Men, women worry about unemployment differently' [MSNBC]

Image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock.