You might remember WCW star Diamond Dallas Page from such hits as the "Self High Five" and "suing Jay-Z for doing a thing with his hands in a certain way," but did you know that he also invented yoga???

Well, he invented a kind of yoga. It's like regular yoga, only for "real men," which means it's more XXXTREME and less like yoga. And it works! According to this guy!

Arthur Boorman, 47, has managed to lose the weight using DDP, or Diamond Dallas Page, which is a pumped-up form of yoga that forgoes all of the gongs and serenity typically associated with the Hindu physical and spiritual discipline.

Did you hear that, people? Finally a yoga with NO GONGS. Man, fuck a gong. Gongs are for chicks.

"It's a different kind of yoga. We make a joke: 'It ain't your momma's yoga,'" Boorman said.

Ha ha. Because people's moms couldn't possibly do anything hardcore or strenuous.

Anyway, good for that guy! If you want to know more about this whole thing, you can watch this video, which documents his struggle at the beginning of his DDP journey.

Personally, I think DDP yoga sounds like a great idea. I know I lost a ton of weight on Macho Man Randy Savage's pilates DVD series, "ART THOU CORE-STRENGTHENIN'?"*

*Alternate joke: Tae-Bo retreat with Captain Lou Albano.