I had a friend in high school that always used to say that Tuesdays were the worst days of the week. Monday is new and fresh, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is the day before Friday and Friday is โ€” look, I don't need to explain how days work. The point is she was right. Tuesdays are just...there. What purpose do they serve other than to remind us of the grind, that the week ahead is long and tedious, that all we are doing is working day after day until we retire or die?

But then comes a Tuesday, a glorious Tuesday, when IFC releases a promotional clip of the new show Comedy Bang Bang in which the ever-talented Jon Hamm and the eternally brilliant Reggie Watts team up to improvise a song about the late '70s/early '80s sitcom Taxi and you realize, hey, maybe this week is gonna be alright.

On a related note, did you know know that Mad Men almost made the biggest mistake of their lives when they almost passed on Jon Hamm because they didn't think he was sexy enough?

[Comedy Bang Bang]