Even those of us with a healthy distrust of babies and their life-sucking capabilities have our cheek-pinching fingers at the ready after seeing the first pictures of Charlize Theron and her son Jackson. Taking him out and about as she does promo rounds for Snow White And The Huntsman, her desire to start a family looks to have gotten off to a pretty adorable start. "I've always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I've always known I wanted a family. I don't think my mom could wait any more!" she said shortly after announcing the adoption. "Jackson is incredible, the greatest gift. He is the coolest kid ever." [X17]

Move over Ryan Gosling and Patrick Dempsey, Mila Kunis is the latest celebrity superhero! The actress took control when a 50-year-old employee collapsed in her home and had a violent seizure — complete with choking, coughing up blood and vomiting after he bit through his tongue. She turned his head to one side to stop him from choking while a friend stuffed a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn't swallow his tongue. The paramedics arrived and declined Kunis' offer to ride with him to the hospital, where he has since made a full recovery. She saved the man's life! [TMZ]

If you're going to pay $5,000 for a boob job I guess it makes sense that you'd want to show off the new you. Perhaps not to the world, but we're not Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans, who seems overjoyed with the end product. "She likes them," says a source type. "She is really happy, but she thinks they're lopsided." Lopsided or no, after having the procedure last week that must be a record for recovery time. [Radar]

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy dated for five years and broke up in 2009, but rumor has it they've reconnected. "They're not dating again, but they are seeing each other," an omniscient narrator explains. "There's definitely a romantic connection still. They will never be 'just friends' — both of them admit that's impossible." [Us]

Are you holding out for the Friends reunion? Can't let the tedious TV show be? Well, don't hold your breath, says Lisa Kudrow. The actress adding that the only way you're going to see it on the big screen is if they do a The Brady Bunch Movie-style remake. Which would be pretty awesome. "The Brady Bunch was hilarious because it was a spoof," she said. "I can't wait from 10, 20 years from now to see the younger actors. I think that will be really fun." [E!]

  • A teacup that once felt the tender lips of Lady Gaga on its delicate rim has sold at a Tokyo auction for $75K. But before we all sigh and take our suicide pills on account of the sorry state of humans, know that it was all for charity. [Page Six]
  • Jack Osbourne's newborn daughter Pearl is on the cover of Hello! magazine. Baby's First Photo Shoot! [Hello!]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt handjob vehicle The Client List will get a second season. [OMG]
  • A Saudi prince rented out the Boom Boom Room last night so he could recreate Eyes Wide Shut with his very own masked ball. Packing the place with models, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Swizz Beatz were also invited. Leonardo DiCaprio was not on the list, in order to avoid his inevitable model-related pleasure coma. [Page Six]
  • Sasha Baron Cohen continued the press assault for The Dictator at the Waldorf-Astoria. [Page Six]
  • Part-time groupie Alexa Chung has moved on from Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner with Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. [Page Six]
  • Jack Nicholson's 17-year-old daughter, Tessa Gourin, was busted for pot possession by the po-po. [Page Six]
  • Loving life now she has Blue Ivy, Beyonce confirms she plans on being an ad-hoc baby factory. [ET]
  • Members of The Real Housewives franchise are at their best when saying dumb shit, but Brandi Glanville took off on a tangent that's going to come back to bite her in the ass when she made a surrogate slur about Giuliana Rancic. Though it must be noted that Rancic kicked it off by calling her crazy. "It's sad cuz I've been rooting 4her through her illness," Glanville Tweeted. "Hopefully her man doesn't leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom." Bonus mom? [Celebuzz]
  • Feeling bad about the sorry state of your life? Well, don't look now, because Justin Bieber reminds us how much of a successful foetus he is by graduating from high school. [NYDN]
  • I'll take any chance to talk about Tan Mom, so we can thank an intrepid reporter for asking Patricia Krentcil about her thoughts on the Kristen Wiig/SNL send-up. "It was well done," she said. "The whole thing was hysterical." Yes, yes it was. [People]
  • He's a bit too clean-cut for my taste, but Jared Padalecki is causing a change of heart as he steps out looking cheesily buff on a Brazilian beach. [E!]
  • Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba looked like they were having fun as they partied down for Cinco de Mayo. [E!]
  • Real estate porn: the Kelsey Grammer edition. [E!]
  • Proof of the relationship no one really cares aboutDenise Richards and Richie Sambora take their rekindled romance for a spin in public. [E!]
  • The three Bobby Brown fans out there will be pleased to know that he and fiancée Alicia Etheridge have set a wedding date for June 15. [TMZ]
  • Chris Crocker of "Leave Britney Alone!" fame dishes about his upbringing and newfound porn career. [OMG]
  • More on Christopher Meloni and True Blood. Alas, no flesh has been flashed thus far. [OMG]
  • A pregnant Sienna Miller shocks the tabloid world after drinking a glass of champagne/sparkling apple juice/mineral water. [Radar]
  • Tina Fey fans prepare to shed a tear, there is talk that the seventh, and possibly final, season of 30 Rock is going to be cut tragically short. [Vulture]
  • Ouch, Hilary Swank is sporting what looks to be a mighty vicious burn on her hand. [Daily Mail]
  • Some poor glutton for punishment is in for the abusive ride of their lives now that Naomi Campbell is on the lookout for a new assistant. [The Sun]
  • Is Dodai the only one excited about the new season of Teen Wolf? [The Hollywood Reporter]