Elaborate hats and seersucker suits are just as much a part of the Kentucky Derby as mint juleps and horses are. Check out how the celebrities on "Millionaires Row" outfitted themselves for the race.

Cyndi Lauper and Star Jones exemplify two of important precepts for choosing the proper hat: Bigger is better; and when in doubt, go with feathers.

For the past few years since gaining custody of his daughter Dannielynn after Anna Nicole Smith's death, Larry Birkhead has been maintaining a low profile, and keeping her out of the public eye—except they always go to the Kentucky Derby together. I think it's a really sweet tradition.

I'm not saying that Mary J. Blige is a whore, but I am saying that she looks like a respectable, church-going one here. (Who else would wear red satin gloves?)

Coco's hat is big, but not big enough to distract from the rest of her curves. It's going to be sad when Andre Agassi talks all his followers into killing themselves. Kellan Lutz, not to be outdone by the ladies, wore a hat of his own.

Taylor Dayne and Miranda Lambert went with fascinators while Kate Flannery chose a more traditional, yet subdued hat.

Debra Messing's sleeveless silver trench coat dress wasn't the most flattering. Vicki Gunvalson's top, like her love tank, is overflowing. Old money socialite Tinsley Mortimer isn't all that discernible from the new-money Housewives look.

Forget about Ginnifer Goodwin and Gail Simmons for a second. Did you ever realize that Joey Fatone's last name is "fat one"? Think about that today.