Lesley Arfin, the former Vice columnist and current Staff Writer for HBO's Girls — who infamously described taking a shit as "taking Obama to the White House" — made an appearance on last night's episode. Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, hung out in the bathroom at work chatting with her coworkers — one of whom was played by Arfin.

Arfin's character offered, "You know what's good for your skin? Sugar."

"Brown sugar," the other woman clarifies.

"No, white sugar," Arfin's character insists.

It's supposed to be funny, because everyone knows that white sugar is the devil, eating away at your soul, tooth enamel and body, making you fat. But on the heels of a a slew of pieces regarding the show's attitude towards race, including the stereotype-riddled casting notices, hearing Arfin insist on white over brown feels weird. Unintentional, completely coincidental, totally noticeable.

(Also, while it's true that there were a few people of color in this episode — this eyebrow-shaping coworker and the various nannies — the fact remains that they are accessories, not actually part of the narrative.)