Shane Bauer and Sarah Shroud, two-thirds of the hiking triumvirate that accidentally wandered across the Iranian border and were subsequently jailed in a Midnight Express-type situation in 2009, got married in California this week. Third-wheel Josh Fattal served as the couple's best man.

The BBC reports that the couple is now enjoying their honeymoon in an undisclosed location, probably not in Iran, despite the lure of nostalgia. Bauer proposed to Shroud with a piece of shirt thread while they were in prison, a moment, Fattal said in statement, that "gave us all hope for the future." The three friends were jailed while on a ambulatory vacation in Iraq after allegedly straying into Iranian territory. Iran accused the trio of spying and sentenced them to eight years in prison, though it released Shroud after 14 months and held Bauer and Fattal until September 2011.

US hikers jailed for spying by Iran get married [BBC]