Last night, New York's upper crust donned ballgowns and tuxes for what is many a socialite's favorite cause: Operation Smile, the nonprofit organization that provides cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to kids around the world. It was a Trump-heavy event, which included the whole family and a bunch of beauty queens from The Donald's Miss Universe Organization.

I love Miss USA Alyssa Campanella's gown. BTW, aren't you glad that severely sharp shoulders happened in the future just the way The Jetsons predicted?

If life ever seems unfair that people like Melania Trump and Katie Lee are so rich and so pretty, just think about how lucky you are that you've never had a bloated old man sticking his fingers in your vagina while you pretended you liked it. On the end is Heidy De La Rosa.

Lonneke Engel's gold metal dress seems to fit really awkwardly, and the butt cut on the back is disturbing.

Ladies in blue: Vanessa Trump, Melanie Lazenby, and Ivanka Trump.

Of the women who chose monochromatic bright colors—Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Miss Teen USA Danielle Doty, and Kaki West—Lopes' yellow 1940s Joan Crawford throwback was my favorite.

Lydia Hearst's flapper-era inspired gown is gorgeous and elegant. The same can't be said for her sister Gillian's loud bold flower print. I thought it was interesting that model Jacquelyn Jablonski worked the red carpet with a brooding look on her face at an event called Operation Smile. Operation Cranky is more like it.