A lot of trends emerged both on the runway and backstage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sidney from nail art to neon makeup with models looking like extras in Brazil. There was also a lot of "native" going on. Native of what, exactly, is unclear, although one model wore a boomerang around her neck, which is pretty fucking Australian.

Legality be damned, the "Navajo" print was featured in a large number of shows. But Jenny Kee and Camilla both took it to a whole other level, mixing as many cultures as possible into a bunch of hideous outfits that hopefully nobody, no matter their origin, would ever actually wear.

All the models at the Maticevski show were given half moon manicures.

Oroton had duo-tone nails while Gail Sorronda used press-on claws.

The Joker makeup of Gail Sorronda's show lent itself well to the clown aesthetic of the clothes.

Black and beige French at Carl Kapp.

Watson X Watson demonstrates that ombre toenails are a great idea if you want to convince everyone that you have a severe fungus issue.

Aurelio Costarella accessorized with feather hooves and giant headdresses.

Dressy eyebrows.

A rainbow of neons made the bald eagle on We Are Handsome's swimsuits only slightly less scary.

The most popular color of the entire week as neon yellow, which evidently is the most terrifying color of lipstick.