How do you sell pork to women? Liken it to clear nail polish! • A heartbroken man in Taiwan climbed into a morgue freezer in an attempt be with his deceased girlfriend. • A group of Moldovan woman accidentally trespass in a "no girls allowed" Greek monastery after being abandoned by human traffickers in Mount Athos, Greece. • Shortage of Indian women leads female duo to dupe desperate single males out of cash by pretending to be matchmakers. • Teenage girlfriends of gang members are more likely to get pregnant than their peers. • Female judges are perceived as rude by a group of predominately male lawyers. • More female entrepreneurs are reaching for the $1 million revenue mark. • Getting catcalled by pervy doofuses or getting shot by jilted pervy doofuses: these are a young woman's options? • Guardian writer talks to stay-at-home moms about the benefits and repercussions for choosing to be a "full-time mom." • Woman who inspired "Mommy" in the "Family Circus" comic strip has died at the age of 82. • Omega-3 PUFAs may help those with perinatal depression.