Bild, the largest newspaper in Germany, released a map of the biggest breasts in the world yesterday. Spoiler alert: "Russian Women Have The Tightest Baskets." The map ranges from A-cup to "Greater than D-cup," because, apparently, after that your boobs are just too big for the globe to handle.

According to Germany-based BILDBlog, Bild may have, shall we say, "augmented" the statistics for Germany ‚ÄĒ the average cup size for German women is C, not D. The blog also points out that the map was made over a year ago by a website called "Target Map," so it's weird that Bild is promoting it now. But, as the writer muses: "On the other hand: What journalistic diligence exercise, if you have a map of the world tits?" Gotta love Google Translator.

You would think that the editors of a newspaper with a daily circulation of 3 million and enough power and influence that it basically forced the former President of Germany to resign in February after a huge corruption scandal would consider it beneath themselves to publish a dumb boob map. But apparently print is dying in Germany, too.

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