Last night at the Time 100 Gala, the gowns were mostly disappointing in that they didn't seem very influential or even compelling. And Tilda Swinton, who tried to buck the dress trend by wearing a jumpsuit, wasn't even her normal fashion-forward self, seeing as how a couple other women had the same exact idea.

With her talons and her boob wings, Rihanna is ready to take flight.

The curse of the jumpsuit is that you have to get naked to pee. It must've been a regular nudist colony in the bathroom of this event: Tilda Swinton, Savannah Guthrie, and Kristen Wiig.

Spanx inventor Sara Blakely showed of her billion-dollar baby. When you reach a certain age are you required to wear gross lacy things like Arianna Huffington does here? Photographer Lisa Bettany looks nice enough, but also pretty meh.

White seemed to work out better for some ladies, but there were still no real suprises, with Chelsea Handler in a simple gown, Georgina Chapman in a typical fluffy, elaborate Marchesa, and Sandra Lee in a Donna Reed-type silhouette.

The most smoking-hot attendee was 82-year-old Barbara Walters in belted, slinky red dress. Claire Danes's frock looked kind of like a nine-hour-old tampon. As for Cicely Tyson, it's kind of hard to pull of pink and purple together unless you're five or Mariah Carey.

Even the bad dresses weren't awesomely bad, they were just sort of fart-noise-thumbs-down bad. Tyra's been making all kinds of horrible decisions lately, so this dress is really no surprise. Ann Curry's leather belt and shoulders, when paired with the see-thru spots of her dress pattern, is all really off-putting. And poor Ann Coulter. She just doesn't know.