We recognize the ridiculousness of 4/20 as a holiday, but that hasn't stopped us from fully embracing it. In fact, if you're going to celebrate, you should just go all out. Be stupid with it. Get fucked up. Wear some clear Lucite stripper heels with a pot leaf on them. Yes, they do exist.

At $159, these Marijuana Pot Leaf 6" Showgirl Heels are a little pricey, but you know, you get what you pay for. And if you're wearing them for work, you'll probably make that back in like a half shift.

Your eyes are probably bloodshot anyway, so why not freak people out with theseMarijuana Leaf Contact Lenses, $25.42?

If your neighbor hasn't figured out what you've been up to by the stench in your hallway, confirm his or her suspicions by trolling with your pet in this dog sweater, $49.99.

These pillow cases, $55 each, look like giant bags of weed. One can dream.

We like the surprise factor that these pasties, $8.25, provide. Because, seriously, nobody is expecting to see these when they think they're about to see some tits.

Chilly? Curl up with a joint, your remote control, and this intarsia sweater, $200.

Stretch pants—$66—are the most comfortable pants in the world. Who cares if they aren't flattering? Where are you going? You're stoned. You're watching TV tonight.

Only people on drugs would put a baby in this marijuana costume, $29.99. So it's perfect for you!

I bought this bong gas mask from a vendor on the street this morning on my way to work. It was $30 but I only had $21. I tried to bargain, but he wasn't having it, so I had to actually go to an ATM because I NEEDED it. As I walked away, the vendor said, "Have fun today, mami." Oh, I will.

(C) icefront / Stockfresh