Madonna has always made it pretty clear that she thinks Adele is the bee's knees – most recently evidenced by the fact that she tore Karl Lagerfeld a new asshole when he commented on the English songstress's weight – and now she wants to make her love official, and bankable, by asking her to join her onstage for the concert to end all concerts. "Yes, I would love to [work with Adele]. I would love to meet her," said Madonna. "I think she's brilliant. I love her." Hoping to get something off the ground at London's Hyde Park this summer, Madge says she originally wanted Adele to join her at the Super Bowl half-time show but it fell through due to the latter's vocal chord woes. "I wanted her to be in the Super Bowl with me," said added. "But I think she was having her throat problem or throat operation or something." [Page Six]

Everyone has an opinion about new HBO maybe-hit Girls — from the characters being too entitled, too unrealistic, too white. More than one critic has thrown Gloria Steinem's name into the mix when discussing the show's feminist significance, but, for her part, the icon has no fucking idea what the fuss is all about. "I don't know what it is," she said when asked about her thoughts on the new series. [Vulture]

Hilary Duff has outdone Alicia Silverstone on the ick front by saying she kept the stem of baby Luca's umbilical cord. "You know what was a big milestone? The belly button falling off. That was a huge one," she said. "And then I wanted to keep it but my husband was like, ‘No, that's gross, you can't keep it!' I'm like, ‘I'm totally keeping it,' and I secretly kept it. But now it's not a secret anymore. It's in a Ziploc bag in the back of my makeup drawer. Luca's going to think I'm a freak!" [People]

Speaking to OUT magazine, Chris Hemsworth decided to 'mo it up a little and said that his mom thought he was the most feminine out of all her sons — because, according to Mrs. Hemsworth, women are nothing but gossipy chatterboxes. "My mum always used to say to me that, out of her three boys, 'Chris, you were the girl,'" he said. "I'd speak to her about far more things than [my brothers] would and far more things than she needed to hear about, too. I was a chatty kid." [Us]

An economically mindful Julia Roberts has come up with the best, penny-pinching wedding present for pals Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — though it might send her insane in the process. "Babysitting," she said. "Yeah, that's good." That has the potential to come back to bite her in the ass. [E!]

  • You know how weird it feels when everyone in your group of friends finds out news before you? Well, try being Rachel McAdams, because I'm telling y'all that Michael Sheen is going to propose sometime in the near future. Allegedly. [Contact Music]
  • The paps expressed shock and dismay that Michelle Williams wants to retain a modicum of privacy and not be photographed with her new boyfriend, Jason Segel. [Page Six]
  • Mike Tyson says he got a prison official pregnant when he was in jail. Such a romantic tale. [NYDN]
  • Here are some shots of Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman looking very much in character on the set of Les Misérables. [E!]
  • Clear your schedules, Courtney Stodden is counting down to her 18th birthday on August 29 with a new web series. [E!]
  • And the person picked to direct the sequel to The Hunger Games is … Francis Lawrence of I Am Legend and Water for Elephants fame. [E!]
  • Poor ol' Kellan Lutz is trawling for work and singing the praises of The Hunger Games in the off chance that casting agents are listening. "I got hooked reading all those books," he said. "I remember before they ever started making a movie, I was like, "I would love to be a part of this!'" [E!]
  • Growing her pit hair out to play an organic food store owner in The Dictator, Anna Faris says she found it kind of gross but was amazed at the density of her underarm bush. [Us]
  • Chalking it up to pregnancy hormones but Vanessa Minnillo has found the best excuse for acting like a bitch to Nick Lachey. [Us]
  • Jonathan Frid, the actor who played Barnabas Collins in the TV version of Dark Shadows, died a day before Johnny Depp's movie came out. Should this be taken as a sign that the movie remake is terrible? Because the trailer looks pretty fab. [Us]
  • Some more quotes about Heidi Klum's take on plastic surgery have hit the interwebs, and it's pretty interesting in that she thinks it's totally bad – unless she needs it. "Everyone has a view of what's pretty and what's not pretty, and [surgery] just doesn't look pretty to me. Especially when I see it on really young girls," she said. "Ask me again when I'm 65." It's good to hedge your bets. [Radar]
  • I hope you're wearing your nappies because the second season of American Horror Story is on its way, and co-creator Ryan Murphy is dishing up some promising plot lines. "[Season 2] is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica [Lange]," he said. That's going to be superb. [Hollywood Reporter]