Perhaps the most exciting thing about the red carpet of the 10th Annual TV Land Awards on Saturday night was that the cast of In Living Color reunited—including the Fly Girls (sans Jennifer Lopez, natch). Unimpressed by this, Penny Marshall showed up in PJs, sunglasses, and sneakers.

Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars (left) and Laurieann Gibson from Making the Band (right) were both Fly Girls who went on to make names for themselves on reality TV. The three chicks in the middle weren't as lucky.

The B-52s can wear just about anything because they've positioned themselves as a costume act, so they're expected to be colorful and loud. Fred Schneider's lobster tie was a nice touch.

Kim Wayans is looking a little bit like a piano bar singer in Old Vegas. Her brothers, on the hand, look very dapper and put together. Oh hey, what's Tommy Davidson been up to? Well, according to his Wikipedia entry, under "career": "In 1998, he had a plantar wart removed from his left foot. The wart, described by Davidson as painful, was not serious."

For some reason, three of The Real Housewives of New York City were invited. Sonja Morgan went as a mermaid. Carole Radziwill wore booty shorts and a tube top. And Aviva Drescher is actually related to Fran Drescher, who was also there, so maybe that was their "in"?

Kelly Ripa and Valerie Bertinelli were cute, which is their "thing," but I really felt like Pee-wee Herman was best dressed.

Look, I really like the whole "Fuck it" mentality that would lead one to wear comfortable PJs to a televised event. What I don't get is the whole sunglasses-that-don't-cover-your-eyes. Like, sunglasses are supposed to be for when it's bright out. So I would even understand wearing them to an event like this because the flashes of the camera are probably annoying. But then she wears them like they're reading glasses, so she's not even ever looking through them. What's the point then? Because, honestly, isn't that what she's saying to herself anyway when she's not getting dressed to go to these things?

Aretha Franklin has invented a new ombre tights style.