Last night, Perez Hilton showed off his new physique and orange spray tan on the red carpet of Logo's NewNowNext awards amongst queens from child beauty to drag.

He's practically begging for someone to MS Paint some cum droplets all over him.

This chick—Kerli—is so raver-y that she induces the kind of ecstasy sense memory that makes my anus dilate.

Knowing she'd have to compete with a red carpet full of over-the-top drag queens, Neon Hitch went all out with 3D shoe and nail art.

Busy Phillips looked very appropriate in sequined disco pants.

Love, love, Rye Rye's nail art, but not enough to forgive her for the Ed Hardy-ish inspired stretchy shiny dress.

Peeta hanging out with Capitol citizens. Again.

God save the queens: Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, Lady Bunny.

These ladies really got it, when it came to the kind of playfulness that this kind of event permits and encourages: China Chow, Nadeea, and Kat Graham.

I like Kelly Osbourne's futuristic look, but WTF is up with Kyle Richards' train in the front? La La gets points off for the ombre hair.

Look, I know Eden Wood is only like six or something, but seriously, if you're gonna play in the big leagues then you're going to need a hair piece that fucking matches your own goddamn hair.