Alec Baldwin, he of the perpetually icy yet surprised stare, certainly does like to keep us on our toes—and he's done it again. He's just gotten engaged to his 28-year-old girlfriend Hilaria Thomas. This has been rumored before, but this time it's for real. There's even a ring to prove it.

He proposed with this giant sparkly thing while the two were on Long Island this weekend. Baldwin, 54, has been married once before. (You might remember the explosive end to his relationship with Kim Basinger.) This will be Thomas's first marriage. Baldwin has a history of being a bit, um, changeable, shall we say, but perhaps Thomas, who is a yoga instructor and therefore professionally serene, has what it takes to tame the Baldwin beast?

We'll have to watch and see how it goes, but this engagement does raise a few question. Will this end with Hilaria being taken hostage by Kim Jong-Il (well, I guess now it'd be Kim Jong-Un), as happened to poor Avery Jessup, wife of Jack Donaghy. Does Liz Lemon approve of this union? And most importantly, will Baldwin have Kenneth Parcell officiate the wedding? [HuffPo, People]

If you have any weakness for the Royal family, you're going to want to sit down right this second: Prince Harry saved a man's life at a polo match today. Okay, only kind of, but still he's a hero. He was in a polo match when another player, American businessman Bash Kazi, was knocked unconscious during a mid-game collision. Harry hopped down off his horse and rushed to Kazi to turn him over and bring him back to consciousness. Kazi is fine—just a minor concussion—but he did get something wonderful out of the incident: a mancrush on Harry. He said, "I remember waking up with these piercing blue eyes looking at me." He probably would've swooned, but he was already on the ground. Anyway, Prince Harry may have been a total gentleman, but that didn't stop his team from going on to beat Kazi's team in the match. [Us]

Fresh off the news that he will bring his unquestionable good looks but slightly more questionable acting talent to the role of Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs, comes the news that Ashton Kutcher has just bought a million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills. He's been renting it, but Justin Bieber also had his eye on buying it. Looks like the Kutch won this round. Also, apparently the paper work he filed regarding the purchase clearly indicates that he and Demi Moore are definitely proceeding with a divorce. So, this will soon be a certified bachelor pad. [TMZ]

Uh oh. It looks like things are worse for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino than we thought. We knew he had a slight pill problem and a drinking problem, but it seems he's been taking more pills than anyone knew. Radar says he's been consuming a huge amount of Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller. An generic sounding insider is quoted as saying, "Mike was taking unbelievable amounts of Dilaudid along with Xanax and Ambien. Mike was taking about 20-30 pills a day which easily could have killed him." Jeeze. Let's hope he's getting the help he needs in rehab. [Radar]

Rihanna has laid eyes on the world's most famous baby, Blue Ivy™ Carter, and, predictably, she has nothing but good things to say. (What kind of person is going to insult a baby publicly, even if it is a total jerk, anyway?) RiRi said of the golden child: "She's, it's unreal. It's unreal. And she really is Jay-Z's twin. It's hilarious. She's beautiful." Of course she is. Will someone please tell us something we don't know? How big is her closet? Are her diapers made of marshmallows? Something? Anything... [HuffPo]

  • Yippee. Adele has promised us some new music by the end of the year! It'll just be one song—which some are speculating will be the theme for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall—but we probably won't have a whole new album from here for another two or so years. Fine, sure, whatever, we'll take whatever we can get. [E!]
  • If you care to see a bunch of photos of a scantily clad Jennifer Lawrence, here are the outtakes from her Esquire photoshoot. [Celebuzz]
  • And if you care to see Jennifer Lawrence's adorable reaction when she was nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone, you're also in luck. [Crushable]
  • In the somewhat strange and unsettling feud that's breweing between Chevy Chase and Community creator Dan Harmon, Chevy seems to have the backing of the staffers on the show. Ugh, I want this feud to be over. I don't like it when people fight. [TMZ]
  • Were you aware that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's one-year anniversary is coming up in May? Well, it is, and Us informs us that Lambert says she plans to spend it at home alone with her dogs because Shelton will be busy working on The Voice. Sniffle, sniffle. But then Us also says:
  • Unbeknownst to Lambert, the source adds that Shelton does in fact have something up his sleeve for their special day. "He's planning something big for their anniversary," the source shares. "It will surely involve lots of drinking, and some more diamonds!"

  • Well, it's probably benknownst (if that's not a word, it should be) to her now, because you just wrote it in a magazine. So, enjoy that surprise party, Miranda! [Us]
  • Dolly Parton has spoken about the experience of hearing her song "I Will Always Love You" at Whitney Houston's funeral. She said on Nightline, which will air on Wednesday,
  • [It] just shattered me to hear that song played under those conditions. I thought my heart was gonna stop. It just pierced me like a knife. It's just -– I can't explain that feeling, to think that that was so final for her, and that that was my words and my feeling –- I would forever be so connected to her.

  • Oh, Dolly, now you've gone and made us sad again. [ABC]
  • Here is a photo of Vanessa Lachey on the couch with no makeup, eating chips in which she obviously still looks perfect, you know, just like we all do. [E!]
  • Jaleel White apparently got into a confrontation with his dance partner Kym Johnson and flipped out while on the set of Dancing with the Stars. The producers had to step in and banished him from the set for the day. Boy, oh boy. Urkel get it together, man. [Us]
  • It's hard to keep track of these days, but Willow Smith has now changed her hair from yellow to pink. Here's hoping she dyes it in a pattern like an Easter egg for Easter. [Us]
  • If you're nursing a crush on Adam Levine, you'll be pleased to know that he's broken up with his girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna. [Extra]