's just girls crying? It's just girls crying. On webcams. On the internet. Right? That's it? AAAAAAHAHAHA!!!!! This is actually kind of satisfying to watch. But I'm concerned that clearly America's teens have nothing to do.

Oh my god, all these girls are such fakers.

"They were out of strawberry bubble tea—and I had to get peach!"

"I found out that my boyfriend was really just a mop dipped in liquid eyeliner!"

"No one will knit with meeeeeeeee!"

"People in Africa don't even have webcams!"

And this girl seriously went on the internet to fake-cry for over three minutes to a Billie Holiday song? For the record, Billie Holiday was a 12-year-old prostitute who got the shit beaten out of her by dudes and became a heroin addict. OMG, that is so much like being sad because you're not getting enough attention on the internet!

Somewhere somebody is jacking off to this.

The world is a bad place.