Look alive, people! Each day, another battle in the war between Sex and Chocolate is upon us. In case you missed it: Last week, the Sex Conference and the Chocolate Conference entered the arena. 16 sexy soldiers and 16 delicious draftees committed to combat. Every day, we see different match-ups in each conference, and at the end, we will have a winner. And an answer: What's better, sex or chocolate?

Click here for a printable PDF of the original bracket, or click the image at left to enlarge. Rules of gameplay can be found here.

In yesterday's scrummage, Cowgirl whooped and bucked her way to a victory over Sixty-Nine. Yee haw! And you guys have all outgrown pudding cups, apparently: Dark chocolate won that match, with 64% of the vote.

Today: Missionary Sex and Sex On The Beach enter the playing field. On one side, you have the sweet, passionate, traditional and, well, safe. On the other side, you have sea spray, crashing waves, and the wild blue yonder. Dig deep, guys. Do you like your intercourse vanilla or al fresco? Oh, you're asking, what if you like it missionary and sandy? Well. YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE. Them's the rules.

The other game today? Fudge vs. Cereal. One is known for being dense and rich. The other is known for bringing smiles to the faces of kids. Are you cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Do Cocoa Pebbles get your rocks off? Do you count on Count Chocula? Be honest with yourself. (Aside: They changed the look of Count Chocula? When did this happen? WTF? Why are all my childhood friends being paved over and turned into parking lots, etc.)

You know what to do now: Make a decision, stick with it. The polls will stay open until 1am EDT. And don't forget to vote, vote, vote!!!