If you're just joining us, here's the deal: Yesterday, the Sex Conference and the Chocolate Conference entered the arena. 16 sexy gladiators and 16 delicious soldiers are putting it all on the line. Each one is fighting valiantly for a chance at glory; the opportunity to be the best of the best. The mighty winner will settle, once and for all, if sex is indeed better than chocolate, or vice-versa. Yesterday's matchup was pretty exciting, but today we've got even tougher choices.

Click here for a printable PDF of the original bracket, or click the image at left to enlarge. Rules of gameplay can be found here.

First let's talk about what happened yesterday. Oral creamed, if you will, Hangnail Fingerbang, proving Oral is rightly the number one choice in the Sex Conference. Meanwhile, Truffles — a luxurious treat if there ever was one — trounced Gelt, the crappy Channukah coins. Gelt, beaten and bruised, will surely make a comeback in December. Hangnail Fingerbang we can't be sure of. But congrats to the winners!

Today, we've got the number 8 seat, Anal, going up against the number 9, Handjob in the Back of the Bus. They each have their charms, and surely there's as much allure and mystery in a Handjob in the Back of the Bus as there is in getting slammed in the pooper. Or not. You are the judges!

In the Chocolate Conference, number 8, Milkshake, is going up against number 9, Ice Cream. Liquid vs. Solid. One brings all the boys to the yard; the other makes us all scream. Both are rich and creamy, cold and delicious. Tough choice!

Well, folks, the winners are up to you. The polls will stay open until 1am EDT. Vote carefully, thoughtfully. Use your heart, your mind and your gut.