If there's one thing that Twitter is good for it's that it always provides a very public forum for the always-entertaining, generally lowbrow celebrity feud. And what unexpected pair were going at it last night in our favorite online arena? None other than musician M.I.A. and buoy of the black t-shirt industry Anderson Cooper. And what was it regarding? An article that Anderson linked to in 2009 that tied M.I.A. to Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers.

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M.I.A. has long been famed for her controversial opinions regarding the Tamil Tigers, the terrorist organization known for waging a violent secessionist movement in Sri Lanka, and her father is famed Tamil activist Arul Pragasam. Last night, Britain's Channel 4 aired Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, a documentary focusing on the Sri Lankan government's equally violent role in the country's civil war. M.I.A. really wanted people to watch it. Fair enough.

The Sri Lankan Civil War was widely ignored by the media, but for some reason, M.I.A. specifically called out Anderson Cooper.

Anderson's response is as good as any...

...before moving to the "I've never even heard of you" defense.

"I thought we were friends, boo."

M.I.A. cites an article that was posted on the Anderson 360 blog back in 2009.

Anderson pulls out the big guns.

Then he softens. He can't burn every bridge to Diplo, after all.

I guess this is what M.I.A. was trying to say all along?