He showed up in head-to-toe leather, squatted on a prop patrol car, and hypnotized the cameras with his 1000 yard stare, making his soul the best dressed on the red carpet.

The film's stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill looked dapper (although Hill probably didn't need the vest), but they were both out done by Richard Grieco, who's vitamin-deficient look was attention-stealing.

He's "rizing": Raping with his eyes.


Ellie Kemper needs a stylist already so she stops showing up at these things looking like an eczema cupcake.

Aren't Brie Larson's shoes so early '90s? I just imagine them being uncovered by a customs official rifling through Linda Evangelista's suitcase while she snatches a sheer polka dot blouse out of his hands and bitchily says, "Are you going to put everything back the way you found it? My assistant folded these beautifully."


These cocktail dresses were some of the better offerings, ladies-wise (Cobie Smulders, Sara Rue, Renee Olstead).


The adults wore pants (Marillu Henner, Niecy Nash, Sela Ward).

While Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Mackinlee Waddell didn't look their personal best, it was Chelsea Rendon's hot pink lace monstrosity that was the most difficult to look at.